Elisa2B (Elliot Elisa Beli Borrelli)


Visual developer, 2D Artist \ Illustrator, Comic Book Artist



My name is Elliot Elisa - you can call me Eli! - and I'm an italian artist. I began my career as an Illustrator when I was 19 years old and I haven’t stopped working ever since.

I'm currently active as a 2D Designer at Brown Bag Films in Dublin.

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2013 - 2017 Bachelor Degree at the Academy of Fine Arts of Turin (Italy)


2014 - Illustrator of a short novel,  “Cromature”, written by Cristina Vezzaro, inside the anthology “Novel” (Eris Edizioni, Accademia Albertina Press).

2015 - Illustrator of “L’incontro - Storie e
ricordi di vita di un sinto piemontese”
written by Giovanni Cena (Alzani Editore).

2018 - Illustrator of “I Segreti di David
Lynch”, written by Matteo Marino; “La
Regina di New York”, written by Alberto
Rosa; “Sacerdotesse, Imperatrici e Regine della Musica” written by Clarice Trombella. Author of “La Chiamata”, nominated for the Boscarato award of Treviso Comic Book Festival 2018 and winner of the Fumetto?LoAmo! 2019 award (Beccogiallo Editore).

2019 - Author of “Nessun altro posto”,
collection of illustrations and unpublished work. Comic book artist of “Pinguini Tattici Nucleari a Fumetti”, written by Lorenzo LaNeve (Beccogiallo Editore).


2020 - Colorist of "Caino", a chapter of the comic book "Lyon. Le storie del mistero" written by Davide Costa and illustrated by Emanuele Virzì (Salani Editore).


2021 - Featured in Hardcover 2, collection of illustrations.